Very Satisfied

Checked internet for average prices for a clutch repair on my daughter's car. Then took car to Atlas. We had dealt with them before for my wife's truck and were satisfied. Price was reasonable and staff very friendly.  Over all, very satisfied.

Great Experience - Very Honest

Came in expecting to have my transmission replaced. The men at Atlas Transmissions found that I had a broken axel and not a transmission problem! Got out for a little over $150.00. These men saved me a bundle and have earned my business forever!
~ Michael Brown

Very open and straight forward. Just what I wanted.

I was calling around for prices on my transmission problem. Everyone was giving me the runaround. I felt like most places I called were reading off a sheet of paper and just trying to get me to come in without telling me the bad news or what it would cost. When I called Atlas, I got a different feeling. The man I spoke with was very professional and informative. He talked to me like a human being. He let me talk instead of trying to lead me. He answered all my questions and gave me a good price ballpark for what he thought might be my problem. When I took the car in, they performed a diagnostic check on my car and found that my speed sensor was bad. I authorized it and it DID fix the car. I paid about $225 for what I feared would be a major (like $2200) issue. If I had gone someplace dishonest, they could have easily cheated me and I would have never known. Everyone at Atlas was very clean, bright and friendly. I am going back there whenever I need more service. You cannot underestimate the value of dealing with an honest repair shop. The owner said to call him anytime and he would advise me for free, even if I did not have a problem that he could help me with---he would refer to me to a good place and call ahead of me and tell them to treat me as a friend. How can you beat that??!! I love this Atlas!



Great services

good to recommend to everyone, there services are really awesome and there staff are friendly & accommodating

Honest and Reliable

I can't say enough positive things about this local auto transmission repair shop. Every time I've used their services, I've found them to be honest, polite, and highly qualified. Repairs have been completed quickly and at a very reasonable price!



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