Many people's worst fear when it comes to their automobile is having their car break down or their transmission go out. But are you doing everything you can to prevent major problems by going in for routine servicing? Here are a few helpful facts and tips to lengthen the life of your car:


#   Vehicles that drive in stop-and-go conditions and high-temperature climates like Atlanta are prone to having much higher wear than transmissions of the same mileage which are used under "normal" or long-haul highway conditions.
#   Mileage isn't the best indicator of potential transmission problems. Rather, it is the number of times the transmission goes through its start-up and shift cycles.
#   Excessive heat or cold, problems with snow or ice, and driving at steep inclines can all adversely affect your transmission's performance.
#   Driving in any of the above conditions (even stop-and-go traffic!) would most likely mean your car wasn't driving at "normal" conditions according to your owner's manual, and would need more frequent maintenance checks than at the suggested 30,000 to 100,000 miles for "normal" conditions.
#   Car trouble doesn't always mean major repairs. We'll tell if it's a minor repair or if something else may be the problem.
#   Often times routine maintenance can be done the same day! Major services or having your transmission rebuilt might take a few days, not to mention costing a lot more.
#   The average American has a transmission check-up once a year.
#   Bringing your car in for regular servicing might be a minor hassle in the short run, but it will save you major hassle in the long run -- guaranteed.
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What types of services are available?
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Do I need an appointment?
How do I know if I have a transmission problem?
When should I change the transmission fluid?
What kind of transmission fluid should I use?
What if I decide I don't want to have you do the work you recommend?
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I hear a noise when I'm driving. What kinds of noises indicate transmission problems?
What kind of warranty coverage comes with a rebuilt transmission?
How often should I have my transmission checked?
When does using overdrive hurt the transmission?
Can't I just keep driving if I have a minor transmission problem?

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